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TestCase Page Validation

Description: A list of templates, with automatic testing on the W3C validation service - page will take long to load!

Pages should get validated as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Template view Comment Validation url Validation result Status
attach new attach.pattern.tmpl, attachnew.pattern.tmpl validate  
attach again attach.pattern.tmpl, attachnagain.pattern.tmpl, attachtables.pattern.tmpl validate  
backlinks web backlinks.pattern.tmpl, backlinksweb.pattern.tmpl validate  
backlinks all webs backlinks.pattern.tmpl, backlinksallwebs.pattern.tmpl validate  
changes changes.pattern.tmpl validate  
view all changes changes.pattern.tmpl validate  
delete attachment deleteattachment.pattern.tmpl validate  
deleteattachment error oopsattention.tmpl validate  
moveattachment moveattachment.pattern.tmpl validate  
moveattachment error oopsattention.tmpl validate  
TODO: changeform.pattern.tmpl        
edit   validate  
edit user data form editform.pattern.tmpl Note: user topic must exist (test: name=TWikiGuest; topic=Main.TWikiGuest) validate  
edit text editform.pattern.tmpl Note: user topic must exist (test: name=TWikiGuest; topic=Main.TWikiGuest) validate  
log in login.pattern.tmpl validate Try to go to the validation page manually.
change language oopschangelanguage.pattern.tmpl validate  
more options oopsmore.pattern.tmpl validate  
TODO: oopssaveerr.pattern.tmpl        
TODO: preview.pattern.tmpl Test manually by saving the page html and paste that in the form on      
rdiff history rdiff.pattern.tmpl validate  
rdiff side by side rdiff.pattern.tmpl validate  
rdiff debug rdiff.pattern.tmpl validate  
settings settings.pattern.tmpl validate  
(rename) delete renamebase.pattern.tmpl, renamedelete.pattern.tmpl validate  
(rename) move renamebase.pattern.tmpl validate  
rename web renamebase.pattern.tmpl, renameweb.pattern.tmpl, renamewebdelete.pattern.tmpl validate  
TODO: renamewebconfirm.pattern.tmpl        
TODO: oopsaccessdenied.pattern.tmpl        
TODO: oopsleaseconflict.pattern.tmpl        
search search.pattern.tmpl validate  
search (bookview) search.pattern.tmpl validate  
TODO: searchformat.pattern.tmpl        
TODO: searchmeta.pattern.tmpl        
view view.pattern.tmpl validate  
view plain view.plain.pattern.tmpl validate  
view raw view.pattern.tmpl validate Does not validate because of keyword "wrap"
view print version view.print.pattern.tmpl validate  

Style sheet Comment Validation url Validation result Status
layout.css   validate  
style.css   validate Various errors and warning because of CSS hacks
colors.css   validate  

Page Comment Validation url Validation result Status
configure configure validate  

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