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Description: Test cases for internal tags NOT INCLUDING URLPARAM, SEARCH OR METASEARCH

Forward to TestCaseWebListTag

Tag tests requiring manual inspection

Tag ExpectedActual
ATTACHURLPATH Manual check /pub/TestCases/TestCaseInternalTags
ATTACHURL Probably should be
CHARSET Manual check iso-8859-1
DATE Today 2023-11-29
DISPLAYTIME Manual check 2023-11-29 - 05:56
DISPLAYTIME{""} Manual check 2023-11-29 - 05:56
EDITURL Manual check /do/edit/TestCases/TestCaseInternalTags?t=1701237394
GMTIME Manual check 2023-11-29 - 05:56
GMTIME{""} Manual check 2023-11-29 - 05:56
GMTIME{"$hour:$minu:$seco $day ($wday,$dow) wk $week, $mont($mo) $year($ye) $tz"}% Manual check 05:56:34 29 (Wed,3) wk 48, Nov(11) 2023(23) GMT
GMTIME{"http"} Manual check Wed, 29 Nov 2023 05:56:34 GMT
GMTIME{"rcs"} Manual check 2023-11-29 - 05:56
GMTIME{"iso"} Manual check 2023-11-29T05:56:34Z
HTTP_HOST Manual check
HTTP Manual check en-US,en;q=0.5
HTTPS Manual check en-US,en;q=0.5
LANG Manual check en
PLUGINVERSION{"DefaultPlugin"} Look in lib/TWiki/Plugins/ to see what this should be 0
PUBURLPATH Manual check /pub
PUBURL Probably should be
REMOTE_ADDR Manual check
REMOTE_PORT Manual check
REMOTE_USER Manual check
REVINFO{"" format="$web $topic $rev $date $time $iso $hou:$min:$sec $comment $username $wikiname $wikiusername" web="" topic="" rev=""} Manual check TestCases TestCaseInternalTags 0 2006-09-22 04:07:05 2006-09-22T04:07:05Z 04:07:05 TWikiContributor TWikiContributor TWikiContributor
REVINFO Manual check r0 - 2006-09-22 - 04:07:05 - TWikiContributor
SCRIPTURLPATH Manual check /do
SCRIPTURL Manual check
SERVERTIME Manual check 2023-11-28 - 21:56
SERVERTIME{""} Manual check 2023-11-28 - 21:56
USERNAME Manual check guest
WIKIHOMEURL Manual check /do/view/Main/WebHome
WIKINAME Manual check TWikiGuest
WIKITOOLNAME Manual check TWiki
WIKIUSERNAME Manual check Main.TWikiGuest
WIKIVERSION Manual check TWiki-6.1.0-trunk, Sun, 02 Jul 2023, build 31075
Topic revision: r0 - 2006-09-22 - TWikiContributor
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