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Description: ensure attribute parsing provides expected outcome

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Designed by: Crawford Currie

Expected outcome in each case is defined as the results of extractParameters, the Cairo equivalent to the attribute parser.

This test uses the STRICTTAG feature of the TestFixturePlugin, that simply creates a TWiki::Attrs from the parameter and then outputs it using stringify()

Input string Expected Strict Friendly
def="m\"no" pqr=" stu="vwx"" def="m\"no" pqr=" stu=" %STRICTTAG{ def="m\"no" pqr=" stu="vwx""}% %FRIENDLYTAG{ def="m\"no" pqr=" stu="vwx""}%

bloody " hell "bloody \" hell" %STRICTTAG{ bloody " hell}% %FRIENDLYTAG{ bloody " hell}%
"abc\" def="ghi" jkl" def="mno" pqr=" stu="\"vwx"" "abc\" def=\"ghi\" jkl" def="mno" pqr=" stu=" %STRICTTAG{ "abc\" def="ghi" jkl" def="mno" pqr=" stu="\"vwx""}% %FRIENDLYTAG{ "abc\" def="ghi" jkl" def="mno" pqr=" stu="\"vwx""}%

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