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Description: Intranet Registration manual tests


  1. The WikiName is not registered
  2. The LoginName is not used
  3. The Wiki is set up with the intranet version of TWiki.TWikiRegistrationRemoteName TWiki.TWikiRegistration

Test cases

First name Last name Wiki name Loginname Email Password Company Country Comment
Test User (auto) TestUser testuser whatever Test company Saudi Arabia Test Comment 1
test user too (auto) TestuserToo testusertoo whatever Test company Saudi Arabia Test Comment 2

Expected result

step 1:

  1. oopsregconfirm is displayed, telling you to check your mail for the activation code

step 2:

  1. Your email arrives
  2. Click on the link in the email - it takes you to twiki/bin/register?action=verify&code=TestuserToo.XXXX where XXXX is a randomPassword

If you get the right activation code you are taken to oopsregthanks

If you get it wrong takes you to oopsregcode

  • Check: The users topic is not created

Results of a successful registration

  1. Topic named as %WIKINAME% written to Main
  2. Entry written to Main.TWikiUsers
  3. There is .htpasswd entry for the user
  4. Email is sent to administrator
  5. Email is sent to user

Post test

  1. Go back to the email. Try clicking the link on the email again. It should now take you to oopsregcode.

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