! Issue with retaining selection choices across form submissions

(Two are simple documentation errors, which is why I have three subissues.)

I want to make a select input from the list of available tags, and then have the selection remembered from form invocation to the next. The TagMePlugin documentation for tpaction="showalltags" format="..." seems to indicate that $marker is what I want.

Sub-Issue #1: Documentation missing for selection="..." parameter

The documentation describes the $marker parameter, but not the selection="..." parameter. Both seem to be relevant/necessary to carry the selection forward across form submissions.

Sub-Issue #2: $marker token in format="..." breaks when web="..." parameter is specified.

$marker in format="..." works when web="..." is absent, and fails when it is present:

Select the second item in each list and click "Go".
(default, without web="..."):
tag1 is not defined. Please select the second item.
(with web="%WEB%"):
tag2 is not defined. Please select the second item.

In the working example, the generated HMTL looks like this:

<option >Access Control</option>
<option  selected="selected" >access_control</option>
<option >accessibility</option>

In the broken example, the generated HTML looks like this:

<option $marker>attachments</option>
<option $marker>authentication</option>
<option $marker>automation</option>

Sub-Issue #3: Documentation of default action for web="..." parameter is incorrect.

The documentation says the default for web="..." is the current web, but I think that the default is all webs. (See below.) My application is yet another project management application, and is very unrelated to the other webs in the Twiki instance. I would really like to limit the tags to the set of tags for the current web, but that breaks remembering the selection across form submissions.

With web="%WEB%":


Issue created by LesLaCroix on 2023-09-29 - 01:26

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